Building Plymouth is a Plymouth City Council partnership set up to connect local people
with career opportunities in construction in Plymouth. Does this sound like you? email hello@buildingplymouth.co.uk to find out more!


City College Plymouth

Innovative and at the forefront of technical and professional education and training, City College Plymouth is the learning destination of choice, and works with strategic partners to enrich the community through knowledge, experience and skills.

With a national reputation for promoting enterprise, employability, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the College offers a wide range of academic and vocational courses across various subjects and levels, including basic skills in English and maths, Apprenticeships, and university-level programmes.

Employer-focused, the College’s curriculum is designed to meet workforce and skill needs. It has successfully secured funding for key sector developments, such as the new Construction Skills Centre at the Kings Road campus, supporting the construction and built environment industries.

Reflecting the vibrancy of the city, the College supports businesses with its highly skilled workforce, driving sustainable economic growth. Through its core values – respect, ownership and integrity – the College promotes excellence in both academic and vocational achievements while emphasising health and wellbeing. This commitment ensures the future workforce is skilled, talented and resilient.

Why is the College supporting Building Plymouth?
City College Plymouth aims to be at the very heart of the community by supporting this vital industry and taking tomorrow’s training techniques and offering them to our students today. We want our students to be passionate about their chosen sectors, and inspire them to be the best they can be.

The College acknowledges some of the challenges currently facing the industry and it is dedicated to being part of a close network that is actively looking to turn these challenges into opportunities that result in a city where all want to live, work and thrive.