Building Plymouth is a Plymouth City Council partnership set up to connect local people
with career opportunities in construction in Plymouth. Does this sound like you? email hello@buildingplymouth.co.uk to find out more!


Stride Treglown Architecture

Stride Treglown is an employee-owned practice of architects and related design specialists with nine UK offices. We have five international collaborations providing global access to any market.

Our ethos is rooted in the complementary personalities of our founding partners. Ray Stride was a stickler for accuracy, buildability and process. Gerry Treglown was a socially adept, intuitive, creative powerhouse. Together they were independent but accountable, autonomous but open to good ideas, a team grounded in commercial realities.

As fresh and quirky as ever, their spirit lives on more than sixty years later. It fires the innovative, digitalised, sustainable, collaborative practice of today. We assemble talented experts into high performance teams to best solve complex problems for our clients. We design for life, curating spaces to provide constant interest. We participate in pan-industry initiatives. We learn from our collective experiences and are quick to adopt useful new technologies.

Our happy studios are free to pursue interests and express our many colourful talents in an atmosphere of authentic trust, bound by professional excellence. How? Because we all have a say in the practice and a shared pride in achieving our common goal: satisfy our clients, delight our users & enrich our communities!

Why are you supporting Building Plymouth?

“When I first heard about Building Plymouth I thought that the initiative seemed to be concentrating on the ‘trades’ and physical construction end of the industry, and that we (Stride Treglown) needed to get on board as a professional consultant sponsor to help to highlight the fact that projects can go on for years in the design and planning stages before funding is even approved for a project to go to site for construction!

“There are so many roles and career opportunities for all types of people from all backgrounds within this industry! I decided to become an Architect when I was only eight years old, not really appreciating what would be involved; but I have worked hard, learnt a lot, risen to the many challenges and certainly haven’t been disappointed! It’s a very satisfying and useful/essential industry to be involved in.”
Sarah Lee, Associate Architect