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Adopt a School

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We currently have five schools on the ‘Adopt a School’ programme. These are:

We provide an impartial resource to help your students to get into the world of construction, with an abundance of links and events with employers, training providers and higher education providers.

Every March, we take part in the city-wide programme of Open Doors, where local people can go behind-the-scenes of major construction sites to learn more about the impressive choice of careers and opportunities available to them through the booming construction pipeline.

Constructing Excellence South West

“CESW is very excited to be working alongside Building Plymouth to provide a city-wide approach to our ‘Adopt a School’ campaign which exists to communicate the huge variety of career opportunities within the UK construction industry for young people and improve its image along the way. Under the inspirational leadership of Emma Hewitt at Building Plymouth and Emma Hannam at CESW we are confident it will go from strength to strength and that the 13 relationships currently in place will soon increase in number and influence. The construction sector has so much to offer young people in terms of well-paid long term career prospects and this scheme will help promote and educate students, parents and career officers of this fact.”
Andrew Carpenter, Board Member and Director

Want to become a part of our ‘Adopt a School’ programme?

Find out how we can work with your school to help increase the interest in construction and the built environment. If you’d like to become an adopted school of Building Plymouth, speak to our team at our Job Shop.

Find out more about the adopted schools in Plymouth.

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