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Whatever your skill set, there’s a place for you in construction.



Looking for a career like no other? Why not become a construction apprentice?

Apprenticeships in Construction – how could it help me?

An apprenticeship is an ideal way to earn whilst you learn key skills in the world of construction. With so many great projects in Plymouth’s construction pipeline over the next decade, there has been no better time to become part of such a growing industry.

With over 100 different apprenticeships available, there is guaranteed to be an apprenticeship to suit you. From hands-on roles such as bricklaying, carpentry and painting to more technical roles such as electrics, engineering and surveying, you’ll be surprised at the extensive range of careers the world of construction can offer.

Alongside apprenticeships, there are also several degree level apprenticeships available giving you the opportunity to gain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Name of Apprenticeship Level of Apprenticeship Equivalent Educational Level

Intermediate 2 GCSE
Advanced 3 A Level
Higher 4, 5, 6 and 7 Foundation Degree and Above
Degree 6 and 7 Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

Think you’re too old for an apprenticeship? Think again!

There is no age limit to apprenticeships – each one is an opportunity to grow your skills and expand your knowledge regardless of your age. Not only will you learn something new, you can help to maximise your future earning potential.

If you’re thinking about the different career paths you can take, find out more about the different pathways you can take on Career Pilot.

Apprenticeship Vacancy Bulletin

You can find out more about apprenticeship providers here Building Plymouth Apprenticeship Bulletin 6 February 2020 or take a look at the options here Apprenticeships 2020 update

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Apprenticeship Information for Employers

Find out more about organisations that can help you with information regarding an apprenticeship.

Information for specific standards
Institute for Apprenticeships Employer Guide to Apprenticeships
Apprenticeship Guide for Employers
Employer Benefits
Shared Apprenticeship Service SW