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Whatever your skill set, there’s a place for you in construction.


Parents & Guardians

As a parent, your child’s future is a priority and you’ll want them to have a fulfilling and exciting career. The world of construction and the built environment can offer your child just that.

Is construction right for my child?

With over 180 job roles available, the construction industry is filled with a variety of challenging and interesting careers. From surveyors to architects, bricklayers to demolition operatives, there is plenty of choice. Download our A – Z Careers Guide to see just what construction roles are available.

Not just for the boys…

The world of construction has changed – it’s no longer just for the boys. The number of females in the industry is ever increasing, with women currently making up 37% of new entrants from higher education into the industry*.

*Source: Go Construct

Watch what our female roofing apprentices have to say

Something for everyone in the world of construction

Does your child enjoy problem solving? Maybe they enjoy drawing? Is your child a maths whizz or do they excel at organisation? Whatever they love doing, there’s a role for them in the world of construction. Regardless of whether they’re a fan of Minecraft, Lego or creating their own world in the Sims, there is a role for their skill set in construction.

With over 180 job roles, we are confident your child will find a rewarding and fulfilling role in construction.

Have a look at this amazing Guide to Apprenticeships for Parents to find out all that you need to know.

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