BBC BBC Three's Brickies: 'I earn more bricklaying than my friends who went to uni'

Bricklayers are a vital workforce who build and maintain the homes, workplaces and public buildings we use every day, but what is life like for Britain’s bricklayers?

A new BBC Three series, Brickies, follows several young bricklayers as they go from job to job, travelling the country to work on building sites under the watchful eye of the site foreman.

Business owner Ian Hodgkinson, who runs a property developer and contractor firm in Derby, hopes the programme will help change the perception of brickies and construction.

“There is a preconception that [bricklaying] is only for men and it’s a dirty job and low-skilled,” he says. “We’ve got to work harder to ensure the whole industry is working to combat the stereotype. We need to alter the preconceptions of schoolteachers and parents, so they can encourage people into this trade. The opportunities are immense.”

According to a report by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), there has been a slight decrease in workers from the EU since immigration rules changed after Brexit, and initiatives like more training schemes to get UK workers into construction are planned.

So, how do you actually become a bricklayer? And is the money any good?

You can watch Brickies which was broadcast on the 14 April and is now on BBC iPlayer

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