Resurgam and the importance of construction driving Plymouth’s economic recovery

Over 100 companies got to ‘meet the buyer’ – in this case Plymouth City Council – at a unique online event designed to help the city’s construction and built environment firms get a slice of the action.

Hosted by Building Plymouth, the Council-led partnership with the construction industry, the event was designed to give companies, consultants and specialists a taste of what’s to come and confidence in terms of projects committed now in the pipeline for the city.

And for the first time, the council unveiled its to-do-list of major projects due to go live over the next 18 months to get the message out to local businesses that huge opportunities are around the corner.

Resurgam – helping Plymouth recover from the economic impact of Covid-19

The event is part of the Council’s Resurgam programme – designed to help the city recover from the economic impact of Covid19. Its ethos is simple – to create and keep jobs in Plymouth.

As part of Resurgam the Council has unveiled a comprehensive list of its capital contract pipeline which sets out likely time scales as well as what sort of contracts could be in the offing. It details:

£169m of contractor works, including further phases at Oceansgate, transport schemes, a housing scheme and various external works contracts
£2.3m of consultant works, including the design of low carbon heating schemes, and transport scheme design and development

Council Leader Tudor Evans OBE said: “We have listened to our construction industry and we know that they want us to be more open about what projects are coming up, so that they can better plan ahead.”

“While the Council has some in-house expertise on project management, preparatory and design work, a large proportion of these projects will be let as contracts to private businesses. These can range from a few thousand pounds to a multimillion contract.

“These projects all add up to considerable spending power – which we want to use to help Plymouth companies. To know what’s coming could be the difference between letting people go or investing in more staff and supporting new entrants such as apprentices.”

Companies specialising in disciplines including feasibility, design and development environmental and engineering consultancies, construction and installation could benefit from getting more involved with the council’s programme.

An update on Resurgam and the programme’s themes

Representatives at the event were also given the low-down on some of the specific themes and the latest update for the Resurgam programme. They include:

Spend 4 Plymouth – A massive focus on local procurement for local jobs

Build 4 Plymouth – An ambitious capital programme and economic stimulus to support construction jobs

Skills 4 Plymouth – Help and support for the people of Plymouth by enabling a skills response to match what our local employers need today and in the future to fill the jobs

City Centre Renaissance programme – support for our city centre and a regeneration plan

Sector action plans – a bespoke package of support for 11 key sectors

Resurgam Beacons – A focus on our future. We will seek to create new jobs in the blue and green economy. That is our amazing marine sector and a new green deal for jobs

Protecting jobs in the PL postcodes

The Council has embarked on a concerted effort to increase its spend by 10 per cent over the next two years within the PL post code to help protect jobs and encourage confidence in the city and in its businesses. It has been offering guidance and advice to local suppliers to encourage them to tender for contracts.

Mike Borkowski, Chair, Building Plymouth Procurement Pipeline Partnership said:
“It really is a testament to Plymouth City Council and Building Plymouth for creating such a positive engagement with the local construction community. Today has been a bold move in sharing visibility of the expected current and future capital programme. With such uncertainty of the impact of Covid-19 this transparency of the forward workload for Plymouth is certainly going to help us plan and feel more confident in the opportunities ahead. We feel very encouraged by the renewed focus on local spend commitment and very much welcome the Resurgam drive which has been an impressive and prompt reaction by the local authority to boost economic activity and to protect jobs in Plymouth.”

Councillor Evans added: “Local council procurement can seem like a dark art – we are trying to shed some light on it to protect jobs, to keep wages and salaries coming into Plymouth families, ensuring no one gets left behind.”

Visit the Resurgam website here for news and updates.

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Meet the Buyer presentations

You can view the presentations from this Meet the Buyer event here >> Virtual Meet the Buyer event with Plymouth City Council_090920 (004).pdf