The Road to Mayflower

The Road to Mayflower

Road to Mayflower - Projects

Building The Mayflower Forest

As the flagship of the Road to Mayflower project, we’re looking to deliver a new landscape design to revitalise Marsh Mills as a green gateway transforming the visitors’ arrival experience as well as to deliver significant environmental benefits.

Over 1000 trees will be planted to form the Forest and an artistic dry riverbed will be created using local stone, as a reference to the American landscape that the Pilgrims discovered. This will tie in with the Native Americans that used birch trees to make their canoes and shelters.

Projects for Road to Mayflower

Illuminating the Plymouth Slope

The iconic Ski Slope was illuminated for the first time at our The Road to Mayflower launch event. Consequently, we are planning to illuminate the ski slope for key commemorative periods throughout 2019 and 2020.

Art Panels

Embankment Road will be bursting into colour with the installation of a series of vibrant art panels. We aim to connect the road to the city’s rich heritage by engaging with the young people of Plymouth to create stunning art, which will provide a warm welcome to visitors. We’d like to thank GWR and Network Rail for their support of the Embankment Road panels.

Bridge Art

The flowers decorating Gdynia Bridge are well-known throughout the city but have faded over the years. The Road to Mayflower team will look to refurbish Gdynia Bridge and refresh the flowers. As Plymouth is twinned with Gdynia in Poland, it’s a great way to celebrate the two communities living together in the city and the team has been working with the local Saturday Polish School to help with the transformation.

Art Park

Blagdon Meadows’ 3.8 hectares of reclaimed grassland is the perfect location for a pop-up art display. It’s a prime urban location to experience artistic, digital and sculptural temporary installations whilst enjoying the natural environment of the River Plym estuary and its everchanging bird population. The team is also planning to give students the opportunity to learn construction skills as part of the installation.