With training you can get the job that really suits your skill set.
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An apprenticeship is essentially a job with training. As an employee, you can gain essential skills whilst being paid. Combining onsite experience plus off-site learning, you’ll work alongside an employer who will give you tasks to perform with the skills you learn as you progress. Lasting for anything from one to four years, once you’ve completed your apprenticeship you’ll have gained valuable experience alongside a nationally recognised qualification. Think you’re too old for an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are available for anyone at any age.

With over 100 different apprenticeships available, the first challenge is deciding which one to choose. If you’re unsure, join us at our Virtual Job Shop where our team can walk you through your options. If you know what you’d like to do, you can have a look through our extensive list of providers on our Find a Provider page or take a look here Building Plymouth Apprenticeship Bulletin 6 February 2020.