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Introduction to Training

The world of construction and the built environment not only has a varied choice of careers but also several ways in which you can get into the industry. Each route depends on certain factors, such as your experience or previous qualifications.

Previous qualifications may have been achieved at school, college, university, through an apprenticeship or work experience or in a previous job role. Alongside recognised qualifications, personal skills such as good communication, teamwork, problem solving, flexibility and time management are all important assets to a career in construction.

Think it stops once you’ve got the job? Think again! There are several ways to improve your skills and get extra training through our local training providers, further and higher education providers, and industry training experts.

Download this handy Build UK guide to routes into construction

Routes into construction and progression include:

- Apprenticeships – trade, technical and professional including degree apprenticeships
- Vocational qualifications/A Levels
- Construction Diplomas
- National Diplomas and Certificates
- Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Diplomas (HNDs)
- Foundation Degrees
- Bachelor’s Degrees
- Master’s Degrees

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